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Serving Since 1997

DigitalCrowd has morphed several times over the last 15+ years. Through the years, we have focused on building one or more community driven sites, offered web hosting services for nearly the entire time, web site design, programming, consulting, networking, security,  technical support and incubated a number of sites over the years.

This broad experience in our service offering gives us the ability to provide a complete range of services which are all back by hands-on experience. Whether your building an application or web site from scratch, looking to expands your online presence, or handle the pains of growth, our direct experience in all these areas gives us the edge that you don’t typically get from average technology service companies.

We live and breath what we preach by our continued support and offering of the online technical support community.

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Bio: Scott William

Mr. William is a technology consultant with over 17 years of computing experience. In 1996 he started a one of the Internet’s first volunteer driven technical support sites offering personalized individual support which quickly become one of the top technical support sites on the Internet between 1997 – 1999 prior to it’s acquisition.

Scott’s experience with that startup and others, along with his technology passion for providing the best possible solutions for the best possible prices, gives him the upper hand to providing the most complete range of services, all backed by personal experience of what works and what doesn’t.

Our Clients

We support both large and small web communities and even non-community sites. Here is a sample of our ever growing list of past and present clients. Join our ever growing list of clients today!  Get In Touch

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